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Sasha Luneva wooden dolls

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I am a self-taught doll-maker: I worked with different materials, learning their characteristics, and in the end I found my own way of creating dolls.

At first I worked with  japanese clay LaDoll & Paperclay, from 2017 I started wood carving (linden), now I prefer this material to all others. I like its texture, the doll turns out to be lively, except that they are strong enough not to be afraid for their safety even if they are in the hands of the child.

Besides dolls of the standard size for me (about 30 cm tall) I make miniature dolls for doll houses 1/12. All my dolls are manufactured with due diligence. I spend a lot of time for each doll with a specific attention to the face of the doll. It is important to me that the doll would not be just pretty but mean something more. I sand and polish them not too much for I like to see slight imperfections on the surface of handmade objects – they add vividness to their unique personality. The clothes of my dolls is usually modest – this is to avoid switching the focus from the doll itself. Dolls also differ in design. There are dolls consisting only of wooden parts, some have a fabric body and a carved head with shoulders, arms and legs. They also differ in the execution of the hairstyle – some have carved wooden hairstyles, others have braids made of mohair wool. I sew all doll clothes by hand, without using a sewing machine, from natural fabrics – cotton, linen, silk. I often use antique lace. Each doll is made in a single copy.